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About Us

We at www.apnichakki.com mill cereal grains in order to produce flour, package it and deliver it to customer at doorstep. Our product is of the best quality in terms of ingredients, taste and freshness. Therefore, it is the best for keeping rotis softer for longer.

Our vision is to redefine the atta freshness. You must have heard phrases like chakki fresh Atta that makes you buy these packaged products available in the market. But most of these products you purchase from the market are kept on the shelf and warehouses for many days. Your objective to buy the fresh atta is lost. It is not that these products are not edible but they are not fresh. Any atta that is kept for more than few days starts to lose freshness which impacts their quality and rotis you made with them lack taste.

Our atta will match the freshness value you get from local chakki atta with the added benefit of being factory product where we take care of all precautions to maintain hygiene. We call our product premium for a reason. We get the premium grains chosen and ground by experts. We want our customers to be free from the hassle of lifting heavy weights they have to carry to buy the atta from super markets. Our doorstep delivery will do all heavy lifting with a big smile on our face.

We think we have enough reasons to make customers happy.

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